Help Us Raise $8K in the Next Two Weeks with the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Happy Holidays from the Bottom Billion Fund!

It’s the season to give, so remember Bottom Billion Fund when considering your holiday and year-end giving.

Remember, not only are your donations to the Bottom Billion Fund tax-deductible, but they make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers, too!

Give the gift that keeps on giving again and again until extreme poverty is history. Your donations to the Bottom Billion Fund are invested in helping extremely poor mothers learn to work and generate an income so that they can feed themselves and their children, and their children have a better chance of feeding their children, and so forth.

We’re investing to end extreme poverty. So join us and give the gift that you’ll feel awesome about giving (and one that is more exciting than a super-sized package of lip balm or candy mints).

Give now at

Warm Greetings & Happy Holidays,

The team at Bottom Billion Fund

We’re raising $8K by Jan 1, 2012! Give today, Donate now!


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