Shopping on Amazon Can Assist Poverty Relief???

We are thrilled to be partnering with GLOBAL ROOM FOR WOMEN on AMAZON in a new initiative that can help you make your gift-giving all the more special this holiday season.  Thanks to Linda Higdon of Global Room For Women for communicating news of our new partnership, below.


No More Mere Online Shopping at Amazon, the Global Room for Women Amazon Store Gives 90% of Profits Back to Help the Extreme Poor Most Excluded, Especially Women

A woman in Wichita sits at her kitchen counter, pours herself a cup of coffee, and orders a Christmas gift online for her son at the Global Room for Women Amazon Store.  With a simple click she’s bought his favorite CDs and helped people living on $1.25/day. An Atlanta consultant who stayed late at the office, puts her feet up on the desk and browses for books on Amazon. Her book club tipped her off to use Global Room for Women’s Amazon Store.  They know they can support the voices of their gutsy global sisters in Gaza, Kenya, and Cairo every time they make a purchase.

The Bottom Billion Fund, Buying 2 Give, and the Global Room for Women have formed an alliance to give back an unprecedented  90% of profits back to the poorest of the poor in the new Global Room for Women Amazon Store

The profits flow directly to micro-lending for the bottom billion people on our planet and to amplify women’s voices and solutions who are working on the frontlines of change in developing countries.

“Something magical happens to us when we know our shopping can help lift up someone else. We are thrilled to have been invited to be part of an alliance of social entrepreneurs who are risking so much of their own time, energy, and resources to amplify their voices and lives,” says Linda Higdon, who founded the Global Room for Women after years of working on global women’s issues.  “Our global women are serious about connecting with their sisters in developing countries. Now they have a direct way to support the Global Room programs that makes these connections possible,” she adds.  “Women are looking to close the gap between them and now they can close it even more. Each purchase at our new Amazon store means 40% of profits go to our partner, Bottom Billion Fund to fight extreme poverty through microfinance solutions and another 50% to our continued efforts to spotlight the personal voices of women either trapped in or serving the extreme poor.”

A New Collaborative Model for Social Enterprises

The alliance of Buying2 Give, The Bottom Billion Fund, and The Global Room for Women is a new model for collaborative social enterprises. “Extreme poverty is the biggest humanitarian crises on the planet,” says Tom Coleman, founder of the Bottom Billion Fund. “We need all hands on deck in bold collaboration to create new streams of funding and structures that work.” Coleman’s vision is based on decades of work as a financial economist , microfinance consultant, and now founder of the Bottom Billion Fund to help microfinance do the most it can to help end extreme poverty, NOW, in this generation. Extreme poverty is already declining at an accelerating rate. It is unconscionable that 1000 people, mainly women and children still die from extreme poverty every hour.


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